Thursday, August 23, 2012

David Copperfield Chapter two

Chapter 2 summarises Davy’s childhood. He talks about his nurse, Peggotty. Peggotty watches over Davy and takes him to church. One night, Davy saw his mother with a gentlemen. The same gentlemen that walked home with them from church last Sunday, Davy didn’t like him.About 2 months later, Peggotty asked Davy if he could spend a fortnight with her brothers at Yarmouth. He was excited but sad at the same time, he didn't want to leave his mother.  So Davy asked his mother if he could go, she was okay with it.

!!Pope Pius the tenth!!

Giuseppe Melchiorre
Saint pius x was born poor, had a humble heart, he was a brave and bold man.
Saint pius x was the eldest of  nine “continued on lives”.
He loved to lead mass.
He needs his family and friends beside him all the way.
Who gives people there first holy communion.
Saint Pius x would like to see Pope Pius the ninth.
Born in Italy

Friday, August 17, 2012


This week in maths I learnt how to write three ways of a ratio.
For example:
6:7,6 to 7 and 6/7..... 
I learnt how to use two strategies to solve ratio.
Number 1:
2:1 : 10:?
I look at the relationship between 2 and 1. I know that if I divide 2 into 2 groups I get 1. After that I look at 10 and see if I divide 10 into 2 groups I get 2 groups of 5. So it will be 2:1 : 10:5.

Number 2

5:1 : 40:?
Like the first one but instead of looking at the relationship between 5:1 I look at the relationship between 5 and 40. I know that 5x8=40 so I do 1x8=8 and that is my answer. 5:1 : 40:8.