Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 5 Maths Reflection

This week for maths I learnt how to do 10 and........ like  doing 50+16=66. This is how I did it.I did 50+10=60Then 60+6=66that is how I got my answer 66.I learnt how to use multiplication to solve addition and subtraction problems where common factors can be found...... like for example....e.g. 24 + 27 + 22 + 28 = 4 × 25  20 + 5  x 420 20 20 20 = 4 x 20 = 805 5 5 5  = 4 x 5 = 2080 + 20 = 100 + 1=101.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

!!!!My Soul friend and Me!!!!

This is me and my soul friend Manu. He is in room 5 and is a year 4. Manu is 7 years old and likes to play softball and all kinds of games too. He is my Soul Friend for 2012.

Saint Pius X School

Saint Pius X School was built in 1958. It was started by the holy faith sisters. The holy faith sisters was started by Margeret Alyward the founder of the holy faith sisters in 1858. We advance in Faith, Hope and love.
This picture shows a tree with our school emblem inside the middle. The circle represents the earth.
 The little circle represents the sun, the light of faith.
The wavy lines represents the water of life.
The open arms of the cross invites everyone to spread the good news of God. 

Angelica and The Moon

Once long ago, Angelica was asleep in her house with her children Catherine and Dorothy. She was too looking after her nephews david and Isaiah. During the night her daughter catherine started to cried. Her daughter was thirsty so she went off to the kitchen and saw there was no water in the water pot. So she went off to the river.

While she was walking A huge yellow moon was shining so bright Angelica had a better view of where she was going. While she was walking with the water pot under her arm she finally found the river. Down the bank she went, She filled her pot with water. After filling up the pot of water she headed back home. Now Angelica was heading back home. The moon was showing her the way back.  

Suddenly the moon went behind the clouds, Angelica was extremely angry at the moon so she said “ You stupid moon , I hate you!” she said so loud with her fist up at the air the moon heard her. So the moon peeked out from the clouds and saw poor Angelica on the ground, but “Poor Angelica” was a “Angry Angelica”. She shouted back “ You ugly fat moon”. The moon responded back “ You know I dislike people who shout back to me” He said in a angry voice “ You should be punished”, so he reached out to Angelica and pulled her back to him. Angelica was really frightened she grabbed a tree branch so she could stop the moon from pulling her back. When the moon had pulled Angelica back the branch snapped. The huge moon pulled her back into the sky. So there’s is Angelica now, in the moon with her tree branch. 


Friday, May 11, 2012


My mum is a caring mother. She is warm hearted. She is always there  for me. She watches me when I am on the court playing netball or some other cluster sports. Sometimes if she can’t make to a game she would say that her heart would always be with us while we are playing  sports or performing for assembly. My Mum comes over to school and helps me out when I am fundraising with a group She bakes cakes so we can sell them. I love it when she bakes, I love the smell of her baking, and when she takes it out hot from the oven, I smell the yummy aroma coming through the to the dining room. I just want to eat it straight away but too bad I have to wait till all the baking is done, and that everything is cleared from the table, and that everyone is ready to dig in.  

!!!!First basketball experience!!!!

“Bounce Bounce Bounce ” went the ball. Room 7 entered the courts with excitement. I was really excited to learn how to play basketball. I ran to the other-side of the court and stood on the yellow line together with my classmates. Our instructor introduce himself, his name was Coach Bruce he said he use to be a basketball player but retired and became a coach. He got us get into groups. Bruce taught us what we are allowed to do on a basketball game. One rule was to never hold the ball and always  bounce the ball with one hand.
We played a game that one of our team mate had to flip the same coloured cone that we received from coach bruce. Running back and forth flipping the same coloured cone. After our basketball lesson I headed off back to class. I can’t wait till our next session.

...............THE END................