Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goldilocks and the Police

The Year 6's have worked very hard on their drama this term.  This group adapted the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.   Not bad seeings as all the equipment used was brand new and the first time any of us had ever used i-movie :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cross Country

YAY! everyone shouted. The Saint Pius X students were going to cross country at Glenbrae. I was racing in the 10 years old.

When we got there we were the first school out of all schools from the cluster. We had a little play at the Glenbrae School park. Emelia and I was walking around the school.

Angelica, Tokilupe, Emelia, Ofa and I went to the toilets and hid there for a little while. Once Miss Ana stepped foot in the toilets she said “Is anyone in the toilets?” We stayed silent but then we heard someone said “NO!” in a squeaky little voice and we began to laugh. Once we stepped out of the toilets we all asked ourselves who could be the person with the squeaking little voice. Angelica said “It was me” so we were still laughing all the way to the tarpaulin we had to sit on during the running. When we were walking to the tarpaulin singing a song all the way. We sat down on the tarpaulins ready to begin.

We were beginning to start cross country. First was the 7 years old. Then it went on and on and on until it got to 10 year olds. It was nerve racking, butterfly’s in my stomach wouldn't go away but once we started running it was starting to go away from me.

We were running and there was a short cut that we couldn't go down but I was following one girl from Glenbrae. I was soooooo tired and steaming hot too. I was jogging, once I got to Mr Gaffeney I was almost there. I heard my Auntie and her friend shouting for me to keep going to the end, I was almost there, getting there, getting there, Yay! I made it to the end.

It was finally finished and every school was getting ready to go back their school. I went back with my Auntie. Once we got back to school it was still lunch time.

My favourite thing was when Ofa got her certificate for coming 1st.’YAY SHOT OFA!’.

Term 3, Holidays and Term 4 Acheivements

In term 3 the thing I liked was making ice cream on the last day of term with my group named ‘Super Yummy’. We had to present it to room 3. After lunch we had votes from room3 about our ice cream. We lost with only 13 votes away. We had 5 points. The winners were ‘Kids Mixture’, They got 12 point.

On Saturday the ninth of October was Angelica Siale’s birthday and a Tongan baptism at 6:00pm. My Nana and I went to it. Once I saw Angelica, Ofa and Catherine holding a ukulele or instead a guitar. We went and sat down I asked my Nana in nice pleasant way if I could go and sit with Angelica and Ofa. Ofa’s mum said in Tongan “Yes go”, instead of my Nana saying it.

It went on and on and on until it was finished. Straight after that we went to have a feed in the hall. When we got there My Nana had a plate with ham in it decorated with Cherries and pineapple on tooth picks. We went and sat down and ate till our stomachs were filled with yummy food. The Kautai’s were doing a “HULA” to the dance that Angelica, Simone,Justice and Grace did at the Talent Quest. They did great but not that perfect. What A Great Experience.

In term 4 I want to make the most of everything. To finish our movie and get it right and bang on time. My goal this term is also to keep on writing stories to put on the blog and moving up with my levels.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Talent Show

YAY! its time for the talent quest and I am doing a HULA.

I was doing a hula with Emelia. Our mums came and put on our pretty costumes. We were all ready to begin. Off we went to the hall and performed our Cook Island HULA. Stomp, stomp! I ran straight away with Emelia to the hall, thrills were running up and down my back, I was so nervous and excited. I still was waiting for Mr Coakley to come and start.

Justice, Angelica, Simone and Grace performed a HULA as well. Clap, clap, clap! for Justice’s group. “Choohoo!” yelled Sia and A’leina doing their Samoan Dance. I loved the way they danced so beautifully. Hooray! for A’leina and Sia.

O.M.G! it was my turn, I ran up nervously and away the music played with people clapping and cheering. It was like we were having a Hula competition. “Go Robertanna!” said Dorothy. My mum and aunties were coming up to me and Emelia putting lots and lots of money in our dresses.
Away we went and then we finished with a hula.

Latai stood up for her performance singing and playing the ukelele with Racheal and Hifo. Suddenly everyone saw tears coming down from her face. So everyone clapped along together with the beat . They were cool singers with harmonising and some solo’s. When they finished every one clapped.

Next was Sia and A’leina AGAIN! but they were singing. Hey, they were good and that was amazing, bravo, I loved it.

Next after them was Angelica’s group they were singing ‘Ehu Girl’ The people that were singing were Angelica Siale, Ofa Kautai and Kahlaine Bishop The two other people were Daniel Taufa that was playing the guitar and Francis that was playing the drums.

Oh! I almost forgot Timote’s group. His group was all boy’s. They were singing ‘Mo Maria’ that we sometimes sing in church. They did a really good job I thought. Everyone started clapping with joy.

Last but not least was the year 8 girls.......well not all of them. The two that was left out were Raelene and sad. I loved there song, it was beautiful. They sang really great. That was my favourite performance.

After that we all went back to class. Emelia and I went and got changed into our precious uniform. BOMP BOMP !!!! came our soul friend from room 3. They all entered room 6. We all got one packet of fish and chips each. Mmmmmmm that was yummy.

All classes had a really good day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RE Presentation

Here is what I did with my group.

In R.E each group had to make a movie about there character.

The person we did was Peter.

It was and enjoyble.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Piano Lessons

Shivering and nervous when its time for piano lessons.

I go to piano lessons every Saturday at 2:00pm. My piano teachers name is Anne Laird. She is a caring and a loving person. She’s a faithful lady. Anne loves to play piano. Her husband plays too.

I love going to her house and getting to play table tennis with my Dad on Mrs Laird’s table tennis set. I go up to the studio and play piano pieces. Once I get in her studio I sit on a comfortable stool . I play pieces that I learnt from the last Saturday before, and play it to her in my best posture.

I listen to her when I get a new piece. She is a good piano teacher and I hope to be like her one day. My favourite part of piano lessens is playing table tennis, but also playing the piano. I have certain pieces that I love to play and I especially like the ones that I have heard of on T.V and on my Nana's radio.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Insects In the Jungle

Here is a movie that me and the years 6's did for media studies.

Our theme was insects.

Miss G taught us some moves and we did our own moves with our groups.

Have fun and enjoy..............

Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie Night

On a warm Saturday night on the 18th we were having a movie night. My Aunty invited her friend over with his son.

Straight after dinner we got our blankets and our matress. We all sat down on the matress and got our lollies. Our movie was 'How To Train A Dragon'.

It got boring so I asked to watch 'Wild Child' but instead we watched 'Alice In Wonderland' for my Aunties friends son.

When fat little boys came on my cousin said It was a joke and that it was his friends parents, all of my family and friends started laughing. I went and sat down on the chair and finished of my yummy caramel popcorn mmmmm.

When it was finished and everyone was gone back home my mum, brother,sister and I watched 'Boy''. It was funny. The person that played as dad and who wrote it, he was my favourite character because he was the funniest.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome Readers

Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Robertanna

I hope you like my post and read more of my stories,

God bless you all