Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RE Presentation

Here is what I did with my group.

In R.E each group had to make a movie about there character.

The person we did was Peter.

It was and enjoyble.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Piano Lessons

Shivering and nervous when its time for piano lessons.

I go to piano lessons every Saturday at 2:00pm. My piano teachers name is Anne Laird. She is a caring and a loving person. She’s a faithful lady. Anne loves to play piano. Her husband plays too.

I love going to her house and getting to play table tennis with my Dad on Mrs Laird’s table tennis set. I go up to the studio and play piano pieces. Once I get in her studio I sit on a comfortable stool . I play pieces that I learnt from the last Saturday before, and play it to her in my best posture.

I listen to her when I get a new piece. She is a good piano teacher and I hope to be like her one day. My favourite part of piano lessens is playing table tennis, but also playing the piano. I have certain pieces that I love to play and I especially like the ones that I have heard of on T.V and on my Nana's radio.