Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie Night

On a warm Saturday night on the 18th we were having a movie night. My Aunty invited her friend over with his son.

Straight after dinner we got our blankets and our matress. We all sat down on the matress and got our lollies. Our movie was 'How To Train A Dragon'.

It got boring so I asked to watch 'Wild Child' but instead we watched 'Alice In Wonderland' for my Aunties friends son.

When fat little boys came on my cousin said It was a joke and that it was his friends parents, all of my family and friends started laughing. I went and sat down on the chair and finished of my yummy caramel popcorn mmmmm.

When it was finished and everyone was gone back home my mum, brother,sister and I watched 'Boy''. It was funny. The person that played as dad and who wrote it, he was my favourite character because he was the funniest.


  1. Nice reflection on your evening in front of the TV Robertanna.

  2. Hi Robertanna

    Movie nights can be lots of fun. I love caramel popcorn too! It's a 'must have' for movie nights at my house.

    I enjoyed the way you added humor by telling us the joke your cousin told. I would love to see you expand your ideas and perhaps describe what happened in a little more detail.

    Thanks for posting this Robertanna. I eagerly await more! :)