Friday, September 10, 2010

Piano Lessons

Shivering and nervous when its time for piano lessons.

I go to piano lessons every Saturday at 2:00pm. My piano teachers name is Anne Laird. She is a caring and a loving person. She’s a faithful lady. Anne loves to play piano. Her husband plays too.

I love going to her house and getting to play table tennis with my Dad on Mrs Laird’s table tennis set. I go up to the studio and play piano pieces. Once I get in her studio I sit on a comfortable stool . I play pieces that I learnt from the last Saturday before, and play it to her in my best posture.

I listen to her when I get a new piece. She is a good piano teacher and I hope to be like her one day. My favourite part of piano lessens is playing table tennis, but also playing the piano. I have certain pieces that I love to play and I especially like the ones that I have heard of on T.V and on my Nana's radio.


  1. It is probably a good idea not to tell Mrs Laird that the best part about the piano lessons is the table tennis. I look forward to hearing you play at school soon.

  2. Robertanna, I hope you keep up your practices, because Mummy has told you practice makes perfect and learning from your mistakes makes you even better. Im sure Anne will be proud to see what you have wrote about your Piano experience, and I didn't know you were a fan of table tennis.......Did Daddy put you upto it? Hahaha excellent Robby.