Friday, April 1, 2011


WOW!! Our netbooks .

'Oh so exciting'. On Monday the 7th of March was now a significant date in our schools history. The senior syndicate was going to receive individual netbooks so no longer would we have wait for a desktop computer to be free YAY!.

First thing straight after morning tea we had a shorter time for S.S.R. Mr Coakley came and told us important stuff. Somethings like safety, security and the money.
Next Miss G, Miss Ana and Mrs Burt brought in brand netbooks. It was thrilling. We got our little netbooks to use for our education. So we opened the box and saw our netbooks. Opp! yes we all had to sign a contract which started we would use the netbooks for education purposes first, especially during class time.

Before we went on we started with a countdown from ten to one and then we turned on it with our turny on finger . Boom the screen came up with the Maniakalani logo.We typed and played games for half an hour and we were worried that Miss G was go take it away from us when she said “okay lets do some shutting down” and we were all like “oh no” what has happen but then appeared a box . We had to fill it in once before we finished we playing our games on it and had a little video clip with the web-cam. Sadly it had to go !!!!!!boooohooooooo!!!!!!! how sad.

So there it goes but we get it back on Wednesday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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  1. Hi Robbie, that must be very exciting getting to see your own individual tool. I hope you do take good care of your netbook. Good job! :-)