Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Tennis Experience

I had an exciting and nerve racking morning last Tuesday. Room 7 were playing tennis. Yay! But guess what? I haven’t played tennis in my life. I think I will stick to netball. But hey I had a go.

I stepped inside the tennis courts and saw our instructor. His name is Marcel. I rushed to the side of the courts and grabbed a tennis racket and a ball. We finally played.

Marcel taught us some of the basic skills of tennis. We learnt how to balance the ball on the tennis racket, I found this quite challenging. I made too many mistakes.

After practising and getting the hang of it, we played a game called “King Of The Court”. We played and played, until our 30 minutes was over. Bad luck I didn’t win but it was great fun.

It was a great experience. I think I will continue to learn how to play tennis. It wasn’t that bad. I am looking forward for next time.

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