Thursday, April 5, 2012


Thursday 29 of march was a EXCITING morning. We ran into the car. Off we went . I was getting impatient . “ Are we there yet!’ I moaned . It was a EXCITING morning.

We finally got there. We were greeted by brother Philip and Johanne. I stepped inside . I had to take off my shoes.

One of the activities that we did was “Noah And The Ark”. My partner was Lavinia. We got paper bags with sticks, fake money, twigs...etc. My partner and I put made a ark with our materials.

After making our ark everyone ran to the fish pond at the back. Our ark had to float for 5 minutes. When the five minutes were over. My partner and I were relieved that our ark was still floating. We jumped up and down with joy.

It is the last day of retreat. We had mass. Father Iosefa came . After that it was time for lunch. Sadly it was now time to go. We thanked Brother and went back to school.

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