Friday, June 15, 2012

In The Forest

Bailey and Samantha were walking together in the forest. Suddenly they forgot their way back. It was getting dark. Trees were rustling .  Suddenly Bailey stands still. “Can you hear that?”. Samantha looked back. She turned to the front. When she looked back Bailey was gone.  “Bailey!” Samantha said.

Bailey jumped out from behind the tree. “BOO!” Samantha jumped with fear . Bailey roars with laughter. “BAILEY!” Samantha shouted with anger .
They continued to walk.  They were getting tired . They found a giant tree to sleep under.

The next morning Bailey woke up and Samantha was gone. She was worried. Bailey got up and went searching. “Samantha!” Bailey cried out, But no answer. Bailey ran and ran but found no sign of Samantha.

Suddenly Bailey heard propellers . It was a helicopter . Someone was looking down . “BAILEY! ITS ME SAMANTHA” She yelled from up top. Workers were running into the forest. Bailey was saved. Bailey and Samantha were taken to the hospital to be checked. They returned back to their families.

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  1. Wow robertanna that was a cool story. Keep up the good work.