Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cross Country

YAY! everyone shouted. The Saint Pius X students were going to cross country at Glenbrae. I was racing in the 10 years old.

When we got there we were the first school out of all schools from the cluster. We had a little play at the Glenbrae School park. Emelia and I was walking around the school.

Angelica, Tokilupe, Emelia, Ofa and I went to the toilets and hid there for a little while. Once Miss Ana stepped foot in the toilets she said “Is anyone in the toilets?” We stayed silent but then we heard someone said “NO!” in a squeaky little voice and we began to laugh. Once we stepped out of the toilets we all asked ourselves who could be the person with the squeaking little voice. Angelica said “It was me” so we were still laughing all the way to the tarpaulin we had to sit on during the running. When we were walking to the tarpaulin singing a song all the way. We sat down on the tarpaulins ready to begin.

We were beginning to start cross country. First was the 7 years old. Then it went on and on and on until it got to 10 year olds. It was nerve racking, butterfly’s in my stomach wouldn't go away but once we started running it was starting to go away from me.

We were running and there was a short cut that we couldn't go down but I was following one girl from Glenbrae. I was soooooo tired and steaming hot too. I was jogging, once I got to Mr Gaffeney I was almost there. I heard my Auntie and her friend shouting for me to keep going to the end, I was almost there, getting there, getting there, Yay! I made it to the end.

It was finally finished and every school was getting ready to go back their school. I went back with my Auntie. Once we got back to school it was still lunch time.

My favourite thing was when Ofa got her certificate for coming 1st.’YAY SHOT OFA!’.

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  1. Nice recount of the Cross Country, Robertanna.