Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Term 3, Holidays and Term 4 Acheivements

In term 3 the thing I liked was making ice cream on the last day of term with my group named ‘Super Yummy’. We had to present it to room 3. After lunch we had votes from room3 about our ice cream. We lost with only 13 votes away. We had 5 points. The winners were ‘Kids Mixture’, They got 12 point.

On Saturday the ninth of October was Angelica Siale’s birthday and a Tongan baptism at 6:00pm. My Nana and I went to it. Once I saw Angelica, Ofa and Catherine holding a ukulele or instead a guitar. We went and sat down I asked my Nana in nice pleasant way if I could go and sit with Angelica and Ofa. Ofa’s mum said in Tongan “Yes go”, instead of my Nana saying it.

It went on and on and on until it was finished. Straight after that we went to have a feed in the hall. When we got there My Nana had a plate with ham in it decorated with Cherries and pineapple on tooth picks. We went and sat down and ate till our stomachs were filled with yummy food. The Kautai’s were doing a “HULA” to the dance that Angelica, Simone,Justice and Grace did at the Talent Quest. They did great but not that perfect. What A Great Experience.

In term 4 I want to make the most of everything. To finish our movie and get it right and bang on time. My goal this term is also to keep on writing stories to put on the blog and moving up with my levels.

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