Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leavers Mass!!!!

Leavers mass was an sad moment for me and the rest of the year 8 students from Saint Pius X school.
We started off with our year 8 reflection movie. It was so cute to see all of us on screen when we were little entrance students. The movie went on until it came up to me when I was a little entrance starter in room 1. I was so embarrassed at myself but it was good to look at and to remember the moments I had in room 1 all the way to now.

After the collect prayer Dorothy, A'leina and Rolland stood up and went to the altar and was getting ready to shine. I was up first with the first reading. It was a reading from the book of Ecclesiastes. To me I think I did a really good job at reading the first reading. I had another job it was to sing the Psalm with my other fellow singers A'leina, Angelica and Rolland. We sang "Thy Word".  We sang our heart and soul and actually nailed singing the Psalm.

Once everything was done, we the year 8's of Saint Pius x school was awarded a Bible and a Candle with all our names on it. It looked spectacular. It was made really well . We all stood proudly in front of everyone and held our new bibles and candles. That was over but there was one more thing to do. It was a farewell presentation, to one of our teachers who was leaving to Tonga and was going to be a teacher there. Her name is Miss Oldfield. We sang her a song and also received a bible and a candle. It was to see her go but great to see her start a new journey with the rest of the year 8 students that were leaving.

Mass was over and everything was done. I was so proud of all the year 8's because in everything they participated I they did it really well and I am pretty sure they were proud of themselves too.

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