Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prize Giving!!!!

PRIZE GIVING!!! was an AWESOME DAY for me and many other students in Saint Pius X School. I Had received an award for 100% Attendance to school. I also got an certificate for Leadership in sports. Finally I got an award I have been waiting for a long time, an HONOURS BADGE. I was so proud of myself for getting this wonderful award. I too got an honours badge with Siliva, Fatai and Ilaisaane. HOORAY FOR ALL OF US!!!


  1. Robertanna, you are an amazing pupil. You want to achieve and you will. Your warm and joyful personality will be an aid for your journey in life. Thank you for sharing your outstanding musical talent with St. Pius X School. You were a pleasure to teach. I wish you all the best in your college years. Your Honours Badge is a well deserved honour. Blessing Mrs Tui

  2. Wonderful recount about a wonderful day. You deserved all the awards you received. Well done Robertanna.
    Best wishes for the future.