Thursday, May 17, 2012

Angelica and The Moon

Once long ago, Angelica was asleep in her house with her children Catherine and Dorothy. She was too looking after her nephews david and Isaiah. During the night her daughter catherine started to cried. Her daughter was thirsty so she went off to the kitchen and saw there was no water in the water pot. So she went off to the river.

While she was walking A huge yellow moon was shining so bright Angelica had a better view of where she was going. While she was walking with the water pot under her arm she finally found the river. Down the bank she went, She filled her pot with water. After filling up the pot of water she headed back home. Now Angelica was heading back home. The moon was showing her the way back.  

Suddenly the moon went behind the clouds, Angelica was extremely angry at the moon so she said “ You stupid moon , I hate you!” she said so loud with her fist up at the air the moon heard her. So the moon peeked out from the clouds and saw poor Angelica on the ground, but “Poor Angelica” was a “Angry Angelica”. She shouted back “ You ugly fat moon”. The moon responded back “ You know I dislike people who shout back to me” He said in a angry voice “ You should be punished”, so he reached out to Angelica and pulled her back to him. Angelica was really frightened she grabbed a tree branch so she could stop the moon from pulling her back. When the moon had pulled Angelica back the branch snapped. The huge moon pulled her back into the sky. So there’s is Angelica now, in the moon with her tree branch. 


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