Friday, May 11, 2012


My mum is a caring mother. She is warm hearted. She is always there  for me. She watches me when I am on the court playing netball or some other cluster sports. Sometimes if she can’t make to a game she would say that her heart would always be with us while we are playing  sports or performing for assembly. My Mum comes over to school and helps me out when I am fundraising with a group She bakes cakes so we can sell them. I love it when she bakes, I love the smell of her baking, and when she takes it out hot from the oven, I smell the yummy aroma coming through the to the dining room. I just want to eat it straight away but too bad I have to wait till all the baking is done, and that everything is cleared from the table, and that everyone is ready to dig in.  

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