Friday, May 11, 2012

!!!!First basketball experience!!!!

“Bounce Bounce Bounce ” went the ball. Room 7 entered the courts with excitement. I was really excited to learn how to play basketball. I ran to the other-side of the court and stood on the yellow line together with my classmates. Our instructor introduce himself, his name was Coach Bruce he said he use to be a basketball player but retired and became a coach. He got us get into groups. Bruce taught us what we are allowed to do on a basketball game. One rule was to never hold the ball and always  bounce the ball with one hand.
We played a game that one of our team mate had to flip the same coloured cone that we received from coach bruce. Running back and forth flipping the same coloured cone. After our basketball lesson I headed off back to class. I can’t wait till our next session.

...............THE END................

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